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Dogs and humans have chosen to live together over thousands of years of mutual evolution. However, there are still things that cannot be done by a dog without being trained. Training a dog is hard work requiring a lot of patience. During training there are several things to be considered for it to be effective, to avoid your dog from harming you or anyone and the dog being harmed.

Here are the do’s and don ts that will help you train your dog



Focus on your dog. It is always important to always important to focus on your dog while training. This way, you can monitor his responses and behavior which can help you to better improve your training techniques.

Reward him for every completed task. Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to train your dog. Rewarding should be done immediately so that he will understand that the reward is for successfully completing his task.

Only reward your dog during the first part of training.

Always use the same verbal and visual cues for each task. This way, your dog will get used to that cue and every time he sees the cue, he will do his task immediately.

Give him one command at a time. It is always important to train him to task at a time to learn each task faster and avoid confusion.

Train your dog at different locations.

Be patient and caring when training your dog.

Find a location where there is no distraction for your dog.

Think in a dog’s perspective.

Enjoy your training session with him.



1. Never allow others to train your dog except you. It is important that you remain his master.

Punishment is a big NO! Don’t use negative reinforcement in your training.

Don’t trick your dog during training.

Never use the same command to him until he does it.

Don’t have a training session more than 20 minutes. Let him have his life too.

Never skip to another task without your dog learning the first task.

Do not be frustrated and stop training your dog.

Don’t hesitate to ask help from a dog trainer.

Don’t expect a lot from them. Be happy on what your dog can do.

Don’t compare your dog from other dogs. Different breeds have different abilities and talents. Also, different dogs have different personalities.

Training your dog is beneficial for both you, the owner and the dog. Not only will it make your dog well behaved, but you can also develop your bond with him. And just like teaching a kid, training your dog requires patience and your time.