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Large dog crates

Large dog crates



Heavy duty dog crates are specially designed for large pets. This type of carrier is perfect for your pet to stay in when you are not at home, so it won’t chew anything up. They are strong enough and the dog can not escape from it giving you the security when you aren’t home.

Large dog crates

Let’s talk about the most important feature first. Heavy Duty Dog Crates have strong metal tubes that make up the walls. These heavy crates have tubes that are welded together for strength from front to back.


This type of large dog crate should have a particular grade of steel frame about 20 gauge with a 3/4 inch steel frame with 1/2 inch diameter steel tubes for the strongest and hold. The top also has tubing that is welded to the floor. It has steel tubing as well.


2When it comes to a dog crate, you will need to get a larger size, so your dog has enough room to turn around. It will allow the dog to see all around him which may reduce his barking. Plus if you use this for a type of dog house for inside or outside the home, the pet will need the room to lay down.


On one end of the crate should be a door with heavy duty hinges that will allow you to open it over and over again for years, with a heavy duty lock. The lock should be carefully designed so the dog won’t be able to escape.


Mobility is important for some dog owners. For the strongest types of dog, crates should have wheels with brakes; this will allow you to easily transfer it. Unlike your wire crates that are made of plastic or metal wire which will fold up when trying to move them.

Looks of the dog crate

When it comes to the tube like dog crates, they will have a gloss finish to them giving it a shine to it. The steel it is made from will not rust and can be painted over if you want a different color.

3If you are wondering, what is the best dog crate? Check out the different crates that are heavy duty.