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Choosing The Best Travel Mug


During winter or the cold season, everyone wants to remain warm. This does not, however, mean that we should stay indoors. Things have changed in the current world with most of the things being portable. One of the items that can keep us warm and can be carried around is a travel mug. When it is cold, the best source of warmth is a hot drink. It is for this reason that we require a travel mug, from which you can enjoy a warm drink. These mugs are gaining lots of popularity because they are easy to handle, affordable and practical to use. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs and one can even get a personalized one regarding their requirements. For your coffee, tea, hot chocolate grab yourself a travel mug and keep warm.

Below are some of the qualities you should consider when choosing the best travel mugs

Insulation qualities

cvxzcbnRemember the main idea is to have a warm drink as you drive or walk around, the mug you choose should have the best insulation qualities. Metals are known to maintain heat longer and consistently than plastics. Double walled mugs are good at that too. Another disadvantage with plastics is that they retain odors and smells, less likely with metal mugs.


Most of the travel mugs can hold sixteen ounces or more. This is large enough for most of our needs. If you are planning to be carrying in your car, it is crucial that you ensure the bottom can fit in the cars cup holder. Don’t choose those with very wide bottoms.

The lid

Does the lid of the mug close? We have cheap mugs with a hole to drink from but not spill proof. How spill proof is the mug you are about to buy? The best kind of travel mugs has a locking device, with a seal to protect the drink from spilling when the cup is knocked down and guarding against car bumps. Does it require so much work to open the lid? Some mugs require that you unscrew the lid to open. This is not safe when driving.


fcgvxzcvhbEnsure that you like the looks of the mug you are about to buy. Other than the looks, consider if you like the handles of the mug. Do you prefer those with handles? You should know that two travel mugs with handles cannot fit side by side in the cars cup holder.…