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How To Keep Your Baby Warm


Cold is one of the things that will make your baby cry all day and night. It might also cause diseases risking the life of your baby. A happy baby is a joy to everyone, but when the baby is crying or sick, parents and all people around them will not be happy.

The following tips will help you enjoy time with your baby by making sure that he or she is properly warm during winter

Keeping your baby warm at home

Dress them in light layers

If your house is cold, it is very advisable to dress your baby in light layers. Dress them in clothing that gives warmth all day. It is also important to purchase blanket sleepers to be used when the baby is sleeping. This will ensure that your baby is warm all night. They are much safer and warm than wrapping them with a blanket.

Cold sheets at night are very uncomfortable

Placing your baby right between cold sheets will make her cry all night. Most parents use microwavable rice heating to make their kid crib warm every time before taking the baby to sleep. Every other night before kicking with the bedtime routine, they heat up rice bags and place one in the kid’s bed hence warming it up before they sleep. The same can be done using a water bottle or a heating pad. Be keen to take the hot water bottle out before taking your baby to sleep.

Space heater

If your house is still chilly after all these, then a space heater is the left option. Space heaters are in many sizes including portable ones. Move with the heater all over the house depending on the part of the house you need warming. You do not need to get cold anymore because these heaters are very cheap. They also have inbuilt thermostat meaning that they regulate themselves ensuring safe and comfortable temperatures.

On the go

wedfgqerWhen traveling, warm hats are a must. Some kids cannot tolerate the hat-wearing the thing, but such can be tricked with fleece lined hood coats. A pair of hand gloves and socks is also important. Parents are advised to carry an extra pair because most of the times babies chew them off wanting to free their hands.

In the car

Use trusty rice bags to warm your kid’s car seats. Most of us never practice this. Try it out this winter and you will notice how the baby will be fast to jump into his or her seat. Warming up the baby seats is important because according to the latest research we should not dress our babies in bulky clothes in their seats as in the event of an accident, negative space builds up between the baby and car seats increasing chances of injury.…